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We’ve all heard the phrase: “Knowledge is power.” (And of course, we associate power with success).

Yet, this is 100% false.

Knowledge is not power.

For the world finds itself overflowed with highly educated people who remain broke. And right now, as you’re reading this there’s someone sunbathing on his or her own yacht as they thank themselves for dropping out of high school.

But real-life examples of successful dropouts aren’t what exposes the myth that “knowledge is power.”

A French dude named Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis did in 1889 (you’ll see how in a second).

But first, let’s dive into fundamental physics.

Physics 101:
In physics, a fundamental lesson concerns itself with power.

Defined, “power” is the rate at which energy is converted. And the lesson continues on to define two forms of energy:

1. Potential Energy (which is the energy stored in a system — like your mind or body)
2. Kinetic Energy (which is energy driven by action).

In physics, potential energy doesn’t equate to power; it’s merely potential power.

The true form of power that everyone seeks is “Kinetic” power. A concept that French physicist Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis uncovered in 1889. The word “kinetic” stems from the Greek word kinesis, which means motion. “Kinesis” is the same root as in the word cinema (referring to motion pictures).

So basically, true power (kinetic energy) is driven by action or application.

Thus, Knowledge is really “potential energy” (or “potential power”).

Whenever you hear anyone use the phrase in the future, kindly guide them through that physics lesson. If they look at you like you’re insane, take it as a compliment (and try not to drool or talk like Charlie Sheen).

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